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Thanks for the Feedback

We have been happily surprised as to the quantity and quality of the feedback we have received. Thank you!

First, thanks to all those who have sent emails thanking us for having created this website. It appears that for every person who likes Chabad there are thousands who doesn't like them. Also, in every single Jewish community were Chabad is present, there is a group of people from the community fighting them and exposing their criminal nature.

Second, we have also received a massive amount of emails reporting the various criminal activities of Chabad. If anything illegal can be done, Chabad is doing it. There is also plenty of reports coming in about Chabad crimes against children. Child abuse is an integral part of the Chabad religious cult. We recommend that you always report all Chabad crimes to your local law enforcement authorities.

Sometimes we get the occasional threats from Chabad fanatics, including dead threats, telling us what will happen to us if we do not delete this website. Being that we are very much aware of what Chabad fanatics are capable of doing, on one occasion we decided to remove all pages except for one. As soon as this was done, we received a massive amount of emails asking us to please put the website back on, and telling us all kinds of stories about how this website has helped them. Some people even offered us money to put the website back on.

One of the emails we received came from a law enforcement agency that referred to this website as "a community service". The email reads: "We would like to sincerely thank you for having created this very informative website. For many years we did not have any problems with the local Jewish community as Jews in this community are law abiding citizens. But in recent years we have arrested several Jews and we could not understand why suddenly so many Jews have turned into criminals. But after reading your website we did some checking and in fact all of the Jewish criminals we have arrested are somehow related to Chabad. Please restore the pages you have recently removed from your website, which we consider a community service for all Jewish communities in the world. It is important to know that there are criminals in the world pretending to be Rabbis."

So the website was restored and expanded. Some of the emails we received have served as inspiration for many of the issues now being exposed in the website. Thank you for your support.

Will Chabad elect a new Rebbe?

Many people have asked us if we believe that Chabad could elect a new Rebbe or if they will continue worshipping their dead Rebbe and saying that he is the Moshiach.

When the Chabad Rebbe died in 1994, many Chabad Rabbis said that Chabad should continue but without all the Moshiach nonsense. That Chabad must stop saying that the Rebbe is the Moshiach, and elect a new Rebbe. But the Messianic Jews of Chabad, those saying that the Chabad Rebbe was the Moshiach even after his death, overpowered the opposition, sometimes using violent means. As a result, the people who wanted to elect a new Chabad Rebbe were silenced and many were forced to leave Chabad.

Today, the official policy of Chabad is that their dead Chabad Rebbe is the Moshiach. Some in Chabad believe that he never really died and that he is hiding in the 770 Chabad Headquarters in Crown Heights, and others believe that he did died but that he will rise from the dead and come back to become their Moshiach.

It should be noted that the top directors of Chabad, those that control most of the money, do not believe that the dead Chabad Rebbe is the Moshiach. But they also do not believe in G-d, and they do not believe in the Torah, they only believe in money and power, and they have found that ignorant people who believe that the dead Chabad Rebbe is the Moshiach are much easier to be fooled and to be used to make them more money and get them more power, so they are very happy that all those ignorant people believe that the dead Chabad Rebbe is the Moshiach.

So in answer to the question of whether or not Chabad will elect a new Rebbe, the answer is NO. Chabad will never elect a new Rebbe because today the official policy of Chabad is that the dead Chabad Rebbe is the Moshiach, and nothing indicates otherwise.

Can Chabad be fixed?

Many people have asked us if we believe that Chabad could be fixed, and what should Chabad do in order to become a true Jewish organization.

In theory Chabad could be fixed and become a true Jewish organization, but in practice this will never happen. For starters, Chabad must choose a new Rebbe and they have to stop saying that their dead Rebbe is the Moshiach. As explained above, this will never happen.

Chabad must also move its headquarters from New York to Israel. They can easily move their headquarters to Kfar Chabad, which is a town built and owned by Chabad south of Tel-Aviv. All the infrastructure is already built into the town, including an exact replica of the 770 Chabad headquarters building in Crown Heights, which is used today for idol worshipping.

While the Rebbe was still alive, many of his followers living in Israel begged him to move to Israel and to tell all his followers worldwide to move to Israel, but the Rebbe refused. The Rebbe told his followers that the reason he is not moving to Israel is that the USA is like a sinking ship, and that he is the captain of the ship, and the captain is always the last one to abandon ship. The Chabad Rebbe never went to Israel, even on vacation. And this is the reason that many Chabad Rabbis and followers today do not want to go to Israel, even on vacation.

Chabad must abandon all its criminal activities all around the world, Chabad needs to start behaving like good Jews, and become law abiding citizens. This will never happen as Chabad Rabbis have been educated to be criminals. They do not see the crimes they commit as crimes, they truly believe that all the crimes they commit, including rape and child abuse, will bring the Moshiach closer, and when the Moshaich comes, they will march side by side with their Moshiach towards Jerusalem, just like some people truly believe that if they die as suicide bombers they will go to heaven where 72 virgins will be waiting for them.

Chabad must study and follow the Torah instead of studying and following the Tanya. This may not be so easy to understand to assimilated Jews who see that Chabad Rabbis are dressed in black and white and wear black hats just like normal Jewish Rabbis. But in reality, for Chabad Rabbis, the Tanya is their Torah, and sometimes the writings of the Tanya contradict the writings of the Torah, so when someone believes and follows the Tanya, they cannot completely believe and follow the Torah.

For Chabad Rabbis the Tanya is the same thing as the New Testament is for the Christians. Both the Tanya and the New Testament are seen by their followers as a continuation of the Torah, as the next stage in their religious faith. Comparing the Chabad religion to the Christian religion is actually a very good comparison as the evolution of the Chabad religion is very similar to the evolution of the Christian religion. The messianic group Jews for Jesus uses the exact same tactics as Chabad uses to convince Jews of accepting their Moshiach. Ironically, the son of the founder of the Chabad religion, converted to Christianity. The Chabad religion may be similar to Judaism, but Chabadism is NOT Judaism.

Outlined above are 4 initial conditions that would have to be met in order for Chabad to be considered truly Jewish: 1. Elect a new Rebbe and stop saying that the dead Chabad Rebbe is the Moshiach. 2. Move the Chabad headquarters to Israel. 3. Abandon all criminal activities. 4. Stop following the Tanya and start following the Torah.

The chances that Chabad will meet any of the above requirements is zero. Because if Chabad meets any of the above requirements, then Chabad will no longer be Chabad. Take into account that Chabad, from the day it was founded, has never been considered Jewish by any of the leading Rabbis, from the Gaon of Vilna, who was the first Rabbi to say that Chabad is not Jewish, to the leading Rabbis of today, who still say that Chabad is not Jewish.

Therefore, any follower of the Chabad messianic cult who was born from a Jewish mother should immediately get out of Chabad and join a true Jewish community.

The Eighth Rebbe holds the opinion that "the Jewish nation is well-served with the existence of the www.chabad-mafia.com website, truth-based Chabad-bashing in optima forma."

Why are ALL Chabad "Rabbis" so Evil?

A former Chabad "Rabbi" explains why ALL Chabad "Rabbis" are so evil: "Chabad is a messianic movement. This means that ALL Chabad followers want to bring the Messiah as soon as possible and by any means. Everything is permitted, including all the criminal activities mentioned in the www.chabad-mafia.com website. But there is another explanation: According to tradition, the Moshiach will come when either all the Jewish People are good, or when all the Jewish People are bad. Chabad leaders, from the founder of the movement to all the Rebbes that followed, have concluded that it's impossible to convince every Jew to be a good person, so they have decided to make all Jews bad people. They do this by causing harm to as many Jews as possible, and by causing as much Sinat Hinam (Senseless Hatred) as possible. For Chabad followers committing crimes "for the good of the movement" and "to bring Moshiach" is a desirable thing. For them crimes are a big Mitzva. They are experts in accusing others of the crimes they have committed. Do not confuse being good with being charismatic, Chabad "Rabbis" are trained to be charismatic, they will steal your money with a smile. For Chabad followers going to jail is like Kiddush HaShem (sanctification of G-d's name), more like Kiddush HaRebbe (sanctification of their Rebbe), which for Chabad followers is the same thing."

Contest: A $100,000 US Dollar prize will be paid to anyone who can find even one respectable Israeli Rabbi who says that Chabad is Jewish. You will never find any such Rabbi, but try to find it anyway as an educational exercise if you still think that Chabad is Jewish.


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