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History of Chabad - Digging the Truth from the Lies

When you shoot an arrow slightly off course, the more it travels, the more distant it becomes from hitting its target. Such are the problems with the Chabad movement. Several different versions describe Chabad's history, the truth about Chabad's true history is not so nice.

Official Chabad history: "Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi (1745-1812), Founder of Chabad, also known as "The Alter Rebbe," "Baal HaTanya" and "The Rav"... he formulated his distinct "Chabad" philosophy and approach to life. For twenty years he labored on his magnum opus, Tanya, in which he outlined the Chabad philosophy and ethos. First published in 1796, Tanya is the "bible" of Chabad Chassidism, upon which the hundreds of books and thousands of maamarim (discourses) by seven generations of Chabad Rebbes are based."

Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi - The Alter Rebbe

The Alter Rebbe was a violent criminal who was arrested in 1797 and 1798. The Alter Rebbe declared himself to be the Moshiach, the "King of the Jews". But after his death in 1812 his followers altered some of his writings, including the Tanya, to correct some obvious problems. All subsequent Chabad Rebbes have also declared that they are the Moshiach.

Basic Problem #1: The Tanya. Chabad "Rabbis" and members of Chabad study the Tanya over and above other traditional Jewish texts. Traditional Jewish texts include the Torah, Neviim, Ktuvim, and the Talmud, but NOT the Tanya. What if there is a problem with what is written in the Tanya? Only followers of Chabad give so much weight to the Tanya over traditional Jewish texts. Most Jews have never even heard of the Tanya. Many people say that the Tanya is the "New Testament" of Chabad, because Chabad sees itself as an improvement upon traditional Judaism. The Tanya is also considered to be a very racist book, which defines all Jewish souls as good, and all non-Jewish souls as evil.

The Tanya is the holy book of Chabad

The main difference between the Jewish religion and the Chabad religious cult is that the Jewish People study the Torah, which was given to the Jewish People on Mount Sinai more than 3,300 years ago. On the other hand, followers of the Chabad messianic cult study the Tanya, which was written by a crazy criminal, to get money and power, just 200 years ago. The Tanya directly contradicts the teachings of the Torah.

Basic Problem #2: Recognition. The Chabad movement has never been recognized as a valid Jewish ideology by the mainstream Jewish Rabbis. In 1792 the Alter Rebbe tried to meet with the Gaon of Vilna, the recognized leading Rabbi at the time, to obtain his support for the new movement. The Gaon of Vilna refused to even meet with the Alter Rebbe, and never recognized the new movement as a valid Jewish ideology. From the Gaon of Vilna to Rav Shach and beyond, Chabad has never been recognized as a valid Jewish ideology. Chabad ideology is NOT Jewish.

Rabbi Eliyahu ben Shlomo Zalman - The Gaon of Vilna

During the French invasion of Russia, while many Jewish leaders supported Napoleon or remained quiet about their support, Rabbi Shneur Zalman openly and vigorously supported the Tsar. He wrote in a letter to another Rabbi: "Should Napoleon be victorious, wealth among the Jews will be abundant... but the hearts of Israel will be separated and distant from their father in heaven. But if our master Alexander will triumph, though poverty will be abundant... the heart of Israel will be bound and joined with their father in heaven... And for God's sake: Burn this letter."

Some argue that Rabbi Shneur Zalman's opposition stemmed from Napoleon's attempts to arouse a messianic view of himself in Jews, opening the gates of the ghettos and emancipating their residents as he conquered. Thus his opposition was based on a practical fear of Jews turning to the false messianism of Napoleon as he saw it. Some argue that Rabbi Shneur Zalman believed that suffering was good for the Jews. Suffering would inspire asceticism and bolster the Hassidic cause.

The Chabad Flag: Moshiach - King of the Jews
The Chabad Flag:
Moshiach - King of the Jews
Basic Problem #3: Messianism. Some people believe that messianism became a problem with Chabad following the death of the Rebbe in 1994. Actually, messianism was always a problem with Chabad. The founder and first Rebbe of Chabad claimed to be the Moshiach, and every subsequent Chabad Rebbe has also claimed to be the Moshiach. The 7th Chabad Rebbe said that Chabad ideology predicted that the 7th Chabad Rebbe would be the Moshiach. This is the reason Menachem Mendl Schneerson did not appoint a succesor, he was the 7th Chabad Rebbe and believed that he was the Moshiach. This is the reason Chabad members still say the Chabad Rebbe, who died in 1994, is the Moshiach, and an 8th Chabad Rebbe was never chosen.

Shabtai Tzvi False Moshiach 1666
Shabtai Tzvi False Moshiach
(drawing from 1666)
A similar story occured 300 years before. Shabtai Tzvi publicly declared himself to be Moshiach around 1665, and a large percentage of the Jewish population at the time believed him. The Chabad Lubavitch Rebbe publicly declared himself to be Moshiach around 1985 and many Jews believed him. There is no doubt that the Chabad Lubavitch movement promoted its leader as the Moshiach. This was not the doing of wayward Hasidim, it was instigated, orchestrated and encouraged by their Rebbe. In the late 1970s, the Chabad Lubavitcher Rebbe began alluding to the "fact" that the Moshiach was "living among us" and left none of his listeners in any doubt as to his meaning. This inane campaign became increasingly frenzied and irrational. Rather than faltering at the time of his death in 1994, the insanity continues to spread. At Chabad headquarters in New York the expectation is that their rebbe will miraculously reappear. Shacharit (the morning prayer) is delayed each morning for 5 minutes just in case, at which point the gabai announces that "the rebbe" is apparently unable to make it today, and Shacharit begins.

Rabbi Sabbatai Zevi - another false moshiach

This outrageous phenomenon is not as surprising as it may at first seem. Shabtai Tzvi's followers were known as "Zoharisten", an allusion to the fact that they, like their leader and demigod, were heavily influenced by the Zohar. Chabad Lubavitch Hasidism is rooted in a literalistic reading of the Zohar and Lurianic Kabala, which when uncritically combined with the radical and pernicious notions spawned by the speculative school of Hasidic thought founded by the Magid of Mezritch, could only have led to the present heretical state of affairs. This, is probably why the Vilna Gaon refused to meet with the original Chabad Lubavitcher Rebbe even when the latter came to Vilna to convince him to rescind the cherem (religious ban) the Vilna Gaon had signed against Chabad Lubavitch and similar movements. In his great and profound wisdom the Vilna Gaon saw that these Jews had crossed the point of no return. The Vilna Gaon was able to be "HaRoe et haNolad" (One who sees that which is yet to come) (see Avoth 2:12 or 2:9).

A majority of those who openly identify themselves as Chabad hasidim (followers) believe that their last rebbe IS the Moshiach. A significant percentage consider him to be G-d in human form, a shocking fact about which no more need to be said.

Basic Problem #4: Religious Cult. Chabad was a religious cult from the very beginning of the movement. Chabad is a very dangerous Messianic Cult. Chabad Rabbis communicate with their Rebbe, who died in 1994, by taking pieces of paper out of a hat. They claim that their Rebbe tells them what to do. They pray to their dead Rebbe at his grave and they write letters to him with their wishes that they place in their grave. Also at Chabad weddings, they read a letter sent by the Chabad Rebbe, who died in 1994, to the couple getting married... Mazal Tov!!!

idol worshipping at the grave of the chabad rebbe

Basic Problem #5: Violence and Crime. Chabad engaged in criminal activities from the very beginning. Several of Chabad Rebbes and followers were constanly getting arrested. Chabad has always been a violent movement. Whenever a Rebbe dies there is always a violent fight for succession among the "elegible" candidates.

Basic Problem #6: Money. The only reason Chabad did not cease to exist after the death of the Rebbe in 1994 was because of the huge amount of money being made by the Chabad enterprise. Chabad is a multi-billion dollar operation active in several countries around the world. Since the Rebbe died in 1994, members of the Chabad organization have been fighting for the control of this operation, and the money left behind by their Rebbe. Chabad Rabbis appear to have an unlimited amount of money that they use, among other things, to pay bribes to politicians, judges, law enforcement officials, and Rabbis. Where is all this money coming from? Mostly from illegal operations which include drug trafficking and money laundering.

Basic Problem #7: Fantasy. Chabad theology is full of lies and fantasy about their seven Chabad Rebbes. For example, some say that the Rebbe explained to Albert Einstein the theory of relativity. Of course these stories are all false. In reality, mainstream Rabbis have always considered Chabad Rabbis as fake Rabbis. Chabad members are considered to be completely ignorant about the Torah. Chabad followers are considered stupid, crazy, and criminal, starting with their so called Chabad "Rabbis".

the main difference between Chabad and the Church a different moshiach but the same idea

There are many other basic problems with the Chabad ideology. All of them started from the very beginning and have been magnified through the years. One of the sons of the Alter Rebbe converted to Christianity. Some people have noticed great similarities between the Chabad movement and the initial years of the Christian movement. In fact, Chabad theology is strikingly similar to early Christian theology. The same ideas and principles, but a different Moshiach.

More information about the actual history of the Chabad movement, as opposed to the official Chabad spin, can be found at FailedMessiah.com.

Contest: A $100,000 US Dollar prize will be paid to anyone who can find even one respectable Israeli Rabbi who says that Chabad is Jewish. You will never find any such Rabbi, but try to find it anyway as an educational exercise if you still think that Chabad is Jewish.


chabad mafia

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